House Rules

1. No smoking inside the Nest
2. Remove excessively soiled clothing and boots outside and do not place these items on top of the HVAC unit on the back deck!
3. Don't tear up the lawn with ATV's etc.
4. If you light a fire in the pit, have the hose handy to control it
5. Use common sense care not to cause any damage
6. If you want to bring pets, you must disclose that prior to   making your reservation and obtain approval. Approval is granted on a case by case basis. We don't get pet requests often, but when we do, we lean towards allowing them.

7. Please put all trash in bags and place bags either in the trash cans or the trash cage, do not put un-bagged trash, bottles etc in the trash cage.

8. Please do not use the charcoal grill on the decks, use it on the ground.


**The person making the reservation assumes responsibility for any damages caused during their groups' stay**