Booking Process


  • Step 1  contact us with the dates you are looking for and see if they are available
  • Step 2  read this entire page and make sure you understand and agree with the policies and procedures
  • Step 3  click on the reservation form button, and fill out the form completely and press send

        Making your reservation is that easy!

        When you make your reservation, the credit card you provided will be charged a NON REFUNDABLE deposit of $100.00, which goes towards your bill. On the day before you are scheduled to arrive, that same credit card will be charged for the balance due for your stay. If you make a short notice reservation that is less than 14 days in advance of your stay, your credit card will be charged the full amount of your stay at the time of reservation.This is our system and its been working great for years. If you need some other payment accommodation that is different from this, please discuss it with us before you make a reservation so we can work it out for you. 

        Cancellation policy:  If for some reason, you are unable to make your trip, you can cancel it and not be charged your balance, as long as we have 14 days advance notice ahead of your arrival date. This must be done in writing by emailing us at . This is a much shorter time than most other lodging facilities! Your deposit is not refundable, however, if you actually come stay with us later on in the same calendar year, that $100.00 will be credited to your bill.  If you cancel with less than 14 days advance notice, you will be charged the full balance due for your stay, UNLESS we are able to sell your dates to someone else on such short notice. Just like what you're probably doing right now, most people plan their trips well ahead of time and short notice bookings can be hard to come by.  Naturally, if some sort of weather calamity, hurricane, flood, etc. directly effects your ability to make the trip, or our ability to provide lodging, full refunds, including the $100.00 deposit will be issued at our reasonable discretion.

        Roughly 2 weeks before you are scheduled to arrive, you will be sent an email containing all the little details about the Nest. Things like the code for the lock on the door, location of certain light switches etc. We do not have check in and check out times. You get there whenever you get there and you leave when you leave (within reason). In the event that one group is leaving on the same day another group is coming in, we will arrange a smooth transition between the 2 groups and allow time for housekeeping to take place. Its not a big deal. Lastly, in all likelihood, someone will be at the Nest to greet you when you arrive or, she will pop in the next morning if you got in later at night. She will be able to answer any questions and make any arrangements for you that you need.